The RxRated Guide to empowering you! :)

This is a post dedicated to our dearest RxRaters. 

Have you ever wondered who is a RxRater? OR what is Rach X Rella all about?

Is a RxRater just...anyone? Who qualifies? Since RxRaters are going to rate something. Right?

Or why do we even bother starting Rach X Rella? There are so many blogs out there already. Who cares?

Before answering these questions, let me give you a background. Recently I'd been reading a lot of things about
globalisation and social media. I spend a lot of time at the library, because I believe strongly in lifelong learning.

And yes, every single book I read on social media highlights the growing importance and influence of online channels. 
So what makes Rach X Rella special? Let me tell you a story:

Why Rach X Rella was born

Rachel and I are social media managers with different companies. So we have one fb account just to monitor trends
and competitor's activities. 

Then we realised that consumers actually don't have a say. Even when A&P are being organised to increase eyeball
sales and brand awareness, companies still had every single POWER in them to change promotion mechanics at their discretion.

In spite of consumer's efforts to win something. And some "lemon" companies still do exploit consumers. They abuse
the power.

Case Study One: Indecisive Firms.
Recently I had one PR firm changing the mechanics of a contest involving sunglasses vouchers. They initially
announced that each comper won some sunglasses vouchers and boxes of contact lens, and then suddenly without
explanation, went back on their word.

This is in spite of many compers taking screenshots of what they announced publicly, over facebook! This PR firm
basically diminished any goodwill towards the branding of the company.

Better still, the PR firm went to call a comper to scold her for being a comper. It also took the liberty to scold Torri, one of our friends at RxR.

I don't recommend PR firms do that. A sincere apology AND explanation would suffice, I think. Not cover-up due to
their mistakes, when their winners already took screenshots and everything.

And calling a supporter on her mobile to snub her deliberately is definitely rude and uncalled for!

Case Study Two: Incompetent Social Media Managers.
And also of course, the infamous case of the PR of a soft drink.

They basically did a most-likes-win-an-ipad-mini contest, and it ended badly. Basically there were tons of name calling after the results were announced, and 90% of top likes garnered were fake.

But that's not the reason why I remembered the contest. I remembered it because incompetent social media
managers attract each other.

One day after the results were announced, this other "inspiring blogger" went to ingratiate herself with this brand. And she-- is the precise person who sent 4000 fake likes to my personal fanpage, The Hieno. That's why I remember this

Anyway the above are just two of the many incidents of companies going back on their word. I could expound on more but I'd illustrated my point.


Rach and I were sick of that.

So Rach and I worked on this website, armed with this belief that we can work with-- and encourage more of-- good and positive companies. We believe that with our skills, we can value-add and reward good companies beyond their
expectations, to enhance goodwill.

We WANT to work with good companies. Because we learn so much from them!

And when I told this vision of rachrella to Wendy, she identified with our vision of empowering consumers--and that's why RxR was born. (Wendy's the X because she oozes tons of X-factor, haha)

Now Wendy's story is a bit different. She joined RxR because she was tired of bloggers like Janiqueel saying that
they are bloggers JUST BECAUSE they have a blog, and asking for the moons and the skies--rudely.

And therefore, the three of us, armed with a vision of empowerment and a voice for all consumers, set up Rach X
To sum up: Rach X Rella exists, because we want people to be themselves. Instead of people trying to be something
they are not.

We place power back into your hands, just as you are.

From the bottom of my heart, trust me when I say that is not a website. It really is a community.
We want to hear from you. We want to represent you. We want to empower you. I don't say this cheaply, I mean it.

Rachel, Wendy and I, are all part of this online community we want to protect and empower. This is how the term RxRaters was born.

That's why you realise that on this website, we talk about everything:

The Good and the Bad;
The Happy and the Sad;
The Bitchings and the Praises;
The Random and the Planned.

Obviously we don't want to just talk and talk about empowerment. Talk is cheap. Let our works in the next few months convince you how RxR can value-add this amazing online community that we already have.

Who qualifies as a RxRater?  It's you. No Frills Needed.
  • If you feel that your English is bad, and you want to say tons of stuffs, no worries, we can edit your post for you. 
  • If you feel that you cannot commit to blogging, no worries! Just blog with us whenever you like! We value your
  • If you want an invitation to an event, and really really want it, drop us an email at and we'd
    represent you and help you get it.
  • If you would like us to review a particular product and plan a giveaway, let us know! We'd not only make it happen-- we'd give YOU the opportunity as a RxRater to review it...and even plan the giveaway!
Why are we doing so much? Because we want to put power back into your hands. :) has always been about empowerment, and this will never change. <3

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  1. thanks for your efforts! i feel more educated abt the PRs in the internet realm after reading up on posts by you girls.. :D