Sundown Festival with Jabra Singapore

A very BIG thank you to Jabra Singapore for inviting Rach X Rella to the awesome Sundown Festival 2013!! We had fun at your booth and a great time ogling at BOSCO WONG!!!

Here's however, a sincere note to the organizers. I actually felt really indignant for Jabra Singapore, as one of the major sponsors!!!!

You see, the venue space management wasn't fantastic; it was instead confusing! Why aren't ALL sponsors placed in the same area? SingTel and TigerAir was sharing the same tent whilst Jabra Singapore was located on the opposite end, right next to First Aid!


In the first place sponsors should be placed on a higher standing since they do pay for the coverage whilst vendors are paid to be there by the organizers.

They therefore shouldn't be placed in the same grid line with working tents!

It is like putting Queen Elizabeth's booth next to a first aid booth. Where's the sense in this????

Next up, we feel that the organisers could provide locker facilities to the concert goers. Well, they most likely have been out shopping earlier with food items or with food souvenirs for meet-ups with friends after the concert... right?

It'd be good to provide an option of putting them into a locker instead of putting it at a unmanned table at the concert goer's risk . Aka it may not be there at the end of the concert!  DOH!

Also, why were the organizers so secretive of the line up of the artists? Can't they have a schedule outlining which artiste is performing at what time?

I checked back at the website on the day itself and there were still no news of who will be performing at what time!

I arrived at 6pm and waited for 3hrs before Bosco Wong performed!! The way the artistes were lined up was also kinda out of sorts and unsystematic - from Thailand > heavy metal Japan > Taiwan > Philippines > Hong Kong > Indonesia.


THANK goodness for Bosco Wong! Yays! Cause when he appeared on stage he instantly PERKED me up!

Hearing him belt out 3 Cantonese songs and interacting with us fans in a mix of English/Mandarin/Cantonese makes me swoon! I think I like to hear him speak in Cantonese more hehehe...

...And when he took off his blazer whilst performing I was really hoping he would take of his T-shirt too and show of those ABS!!! *dreamy* Here's a video snippet for you to enjoy ;)

Enough said check out Rach X Rella facebook page for more photos and videos of Bosco Wong to ogle at!!