Rach Takes The Cake!

Literally! Let me just say, if you don't love cake, you don't belong here! Change the URL, click somewhere and go and read something else now. RachRella.com is all about sweet, delicious and fattening goodies, and we do not spare the calories! If you are a cake lover, read to the end and join in the giveaway.

Anyway, I've been desperately behind my cake quota lately (yes, I have an internal manager for this) even though I've celebrated more birthdays in the later part of the year, I've ate much less cake. Maybe it is due to guilt, or fear of growing fat, or both. However, I was NOT going to turn down an opportunity to review the delicious goodies from Emicakes. They were so awesome to send over their latest creations: Cakes Of The World and Cake Pops!

They were extremely kind to send me the cake they were featuring this week: the delicious Boston Cream from the city of the world: New York City! It is a yummylicious Vanilla cake covered with a light milk chocolate butter cream, with a drizzle of bittersweet dark chocolate sauce. Drooling yet? What I love most about it is that it's cream to sponge proportion is 50:50, just the way I love my cakes!

And they also have another new product called Cake Pops... I predict a children's favorite right there! Basically it is alternating layers of cake and cream in a push pop design. My daughter had a lot of fun with it, which involved a lot of cleaning up and a change of clothes, but nonetheless, buckets of fun. It comes in three colorful flavors as well! If you want to give your children a treat, just get one of these.

And what's better than cake? Cake delivered to your home! They provide an amazing delivery service from www.emicakes.com.sg so I highly suggest everyone just order straight from the website, especially if you are drooling after seeing all those photos I took.

Thanks to Emicakes, we are giving away their next Cake of the World: White Choco Green Tea! Simply follow the instructions on this facebook post to win. Winners will be picked on 25 Nov 2013.

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  1. Wow, the pictures posted from Emicakes are so nice and make my saliva drooling ! Hope I have a chance to try this cake as I have not eaten before. Hehehee :p