Polaroid Shots ~ Nostalgic Reminiscence

In the world of high-tech era the Polaroid camera is a break from the megapixels and the luxury of being able to empty rubbish photos into a recycle bin a true reminder of the days before digital cameras.  

The Polaroid camera is great for capturing spontaneous moments, adding instant photos to a journal or your love ones’ wallet because the film will immediately print out on credit card-sized paper! In order to really enjoy and appreciate these instant cameras, you have to take a step back and appreciate them for what they are.

Of course, it has its obvious limitations - runs on batteries, lack of auto-focus really makes it a challenge to nail the pictures first time. If you get it right, images are impressively detailed and produce the soft colour effect to create that aged, Polaroid-style look, mess it up you gotta factor in how many photos get wasted not to mention each film cost a dollar or more depending on the type. But it’s the appeal of having a photo in seconds and each picture you take is one of a kind! Plus kiddos absolutely love watching the film develop right infront of them!

Anyway, back to the real stuff! I got bored with the regular white background and thought I do try out the colourful ones from Imprintzz – Sponge Bob, Minnie Mouse & Cath Kidston! (Psst. You know what I did a comparison and found that they sell the latest designs with the BEST price I could find too!!!)


The pre-printed decorations around the border adds a cuteness factor to any picture! Each film from the Sponge Bob pack comes with 10 different borders, the different colors complement each other so it works on making a collage out of it! Its so exciting to see the print rolling out and not knowing what border style you will be getting! They are so inspirational, I am having so many ideas of how to place my newly taken Polaroid one of which is to plaster a wall full of it! I so can’t wait to try out the Minnie Mouse and the Cath Kidston!! Woho!! Excited much!

So if you are "into" your instax; if you love the prints and the reaction you get from watching the print develop then grab some film ASAP! Your enjoyment level will rise even more. 

Now to entice you further....how does laying your hands on a pack of Cath Kidston sounds? 

All you have to do is:-

(Please ensure the shared post setting is set to Public otherwise we won't be able to see) 
● Comment here why I should pick you as the WINNER of a pack of colorful, whimsical Cath Kidston! The most creative comment WINS! Good luck peeps!!

Contest ends 16 Nov 2013, 23:59! Winner will be announced on 18 Nov 2013.


For the month of November Imprintzz is having the following promotions:-

1) HamiCat Instax Mini Films (10 films) - $11.50 per box
2) Moc Moc Instax Mini Films (10 films) - $11.50 per box
3) X'Mas Instax Mini Films (10 films) - $11.50 per box
4) Toy Story 3 Instax Mini Films (10 films) - $12 per box
5) Plain Border Instax Wide Films (20 films) - $22 per box

Promos are valid till 17 November 2013, Sunday or while stock last.

For more information about Imprintzz go to http://imprintzz.weebly.com/; follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/imprintzz to get the latest updates and promotions!

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  1. Woohoo!! I almost totally forgotten about this awesome giveaway! Hello Kitty loves Minnie Mice!! Just realize you are giving the 'Cath' and not the 'Mouse'!Meow, I love 'all kind of Meow' too. :P