Luxby: Luxury in a Box! ~~


I love chocolates, and I love surprises. What do you get when you combine both?

You get...LUXBY.

Luxby is a chocolate subscription service that delivers a box of premium chocolates to you every month, right to your doorstep! It's the same concept as Bellabox, or Blackbox, just that everything inside is sexy, luxurious and most importantly...


It's edible. CHOCOLATES!
It's happiness. CHOCOLATES!

Such a posh box!! :3

I really LOVE the DAGOBA! It's super duper delicious! :D

Anyway, this is the LUXBY premium box! It's different from Rach's box as you can see! All three bars belong to the dark chocolate range, healthy and perfect for any depressed persons!

Starting off with my favorite Dagoba Roseberry Choc <3

I love that it smells way awesome-- it has this lovely roseberry scent with a subtle tinge of rose. There is a texture dichotomy of berry and milk-- when you first taste this luxurious chocolate, it's silky smooth; but when you bite into this bar, the flavour start to flow out. It has a way uplifting sensation! I thought I tasted some coffee, but that could be hallucination out of sheer jubilee. haha. There's some sort of dried fruit bits too.

This bar is absolutely unique! I love that it's dark chocolate too--perfect for a depressed person. Also, for lovers of organic chocolate, pick this chocolate box if you are in for something a little mysterious. You won't regret it! ;)


Kallari “Sacha” Ecuador Chocolate Bar

I googled about the CSR behind this chocolate. And it exists! Essentially, when you buy this bar of Kallari chocs, you're actually engaging in fair trading practices. Here are some details about the people of Kallari. They harvest tons of cacao every year, and live in the Upper Napo River Basin in the lovely Ecuadorian rainforest. They work really really hard daily to make the ingredients in our bars of chocolates as fresh as possible! We should definitely give them more credit!~~

Anyway, it's a pretty awesome of banana-flavoured artistic choco, made from organic cacao beans. Dried banana gives it a crunchy crunch texture, and this bar's a medium dark choco! <3 Lovely! ~

Michel Cluizel Mokaya 66% Dark Chocolate Organic, 1st Cru de Plantation

Last but not least, this bar of chocolates. OK to be honest this bar is a bit funny, because it's bitter, and then it's sweet.

"Michel Cluizel Mokaya" is actually a region's name, and the uniquely produced cocoa beans originates from this region. When you first bite into this chocolate bar, you'd taste those biter-sweet cocoa, and THEN you'd taste the tastes of berries. It's heaven-licious!

But an acquired taste, I must say.

Thank you Luxby for the luxurious chocos!!! <3
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