Have a SpongeBob X'mas 2013 @ Changi Airport

Guess what? SpongeBob and friends are spending X'mas this year at Changi Airport! Changi Airport is the first airport in Asia to collaborate with SpongeBob Squarepants thus SpongeBob and his friends are so excited that they are all over Changi Airport  from the inside to the outside of Terminals 1-3.

SpongeBob has even moved his HUGE Pineapple House to the departure foyer of Terminal 3. Mind you this is no ordinary Pineapple House, Spongebob's bedroom is an optical illusion when you walk in it makes you 'grow' bigger in size by walking from one end of the room to another. (**Tip: the kiddos goes in, one parent stands outside the room to 'guide' the kids where to stand and  the other stays outside to watch on the screen behind its hilarious great for taking funny pics of the screen). Plus at 1pm, 3pm and hourly from 5pm to 9pm be entertained with an extravaganza of sights, sounds which includes smoke bubbles from the Pineapple House! Catch one of the many tokens that will be showered during the show to exchange for a giveway! Don't be greedy as only 1 token redemption per person is allowed!

Bikini Bottom is in the form of an inflatable bouncy playground [can I be a kid again just to go in to play?] located at Terminal 3 Row 11 right opposite Coffee Bean (*hint to parents: you can send them in whilst you relax at Coffee Bean with a cuppa coffee and snack!) Open from noon to 10pm and all you have to spend to get in is to present any single-day receipt with a minimum spend of S$20, or S$15 for Changi Rewards members. (Every S$20/S$15 spend allows a single entry, capped at a maximum of five entries per receipt). Nobody is too young to have some fun cause toddlers can also take advantage of the merry-go-round, and take photographs at the SpongeBob Photo Booth.

If this is already making you all hyped up wait till you see Santa's log house - cosy fireplace, his iconic office/mail room [kids can write postcards and decorate it with the cute stamps Changi Airport has made before sending it off to Santa] and of course not forgetting the whimsical toys too! Ooo, I heard Santa will be in town from 21 Nov to 26 Dec to share his many stories at his cabin from 4pm to 10pm daily - yes of course Santa's got 'office hours too you know! All this will surely leave you in awe even I felt like I was a kid again! *beaming with delight*

Thats not all, Changi Airport has added icing on the cake by decking out  massive topiaries of famous landmarks in Europe namely Russia's St Basil's Cathederal (Terminal 2 Public Area, Departure Hall next to Row 1), Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa (Terminal 3 Transit Area, Crossroads), the Colosseum in Rome (Terminal 2 Transit Area, Event Area) and Turkey's Troja Horse (Terminal 1, Central Piazza infront of the Social Tree). These were so AMAZING and what a treat it was to be able to view them thanks to Changi Airport who arranged a special tour else I think I would have to buy an air-ticket to maybe KL just to get inside the transit area to view them :P.

X'mas is a time for giving and a time for sharing - "Adopt a Wish" from the many handwritten wishes from underprivileged students of NorthLight School hanging on the special Christmas trees located at the Terminal 3 Departure Hall (Row 11) or Transit Lounge till 6 Jan 2014. Each contribution will be matched $-for-$ by Changi Foundation (the philanthropic arm of Changi Airport Group, and has adopted the social cause of youths-at-risk).

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