DIY: Vintage Granny's Bag, yo!

Heyo Folks!

Today let me blog a bit about DIY bags! I DIY this, is it nice? :D

When I was shopping the other day, I got the original bag (aka before DIY) for $30. It's a perfect colour combi but I hate the straps. The straps totally made this bag look cheap!~ T.T

I felt ripped off actually, because I'm certain you can get it from BKK for less than $8. What to do, I really loved the colour!
Anywayyyy...I DIYed it, after advice from Wendy.

 Looks slightly better, and yesterday I went to Daiso to get washi floral tapes:

What do you think of the end product? ;)

I have another DIY bag post coming up soon! <3 We just got a sponsor today!