Call Me Old-School: Love for Instax (with giveaway!)

Once upon a time, I had been there, on the "other" side. My cousin brought out an Fujifilm instax camera for her birthday party and this was my reaction:

1. I laugh and made a joke about its size and that it looks like a toy not for serious photographers.

2. She took pictures of us at the party and passed one to me (which I keep to this day in my wallet).

3. From that day onwards, I started hunting high and low for an Instax camera.

If you went through the same experience, I don't blame you. There IS something about holding a picture that you have just taken. It is something that is so NOW and yet of the past. And it is an extreme pleasure to pass someone an instant photo of them and see them put it in their pocket or wallet. More importantly, it makes your photos become an object to treasure.

In a world where taking pictures of everything is taken for granted (#selfie, #ootd, #foodporn) and everyone is a self-proclaimed photography expert just because their smartphones come with smart cameras, I was immediately reminded of the basics of photography back in my Poly days.

(Warning! Here starts the rambling grandmother's tale.)

So anyway, many years ago I was in polytechnic learning about photography: Cameras, aperture, exposure, shutter speed, lighting etc. The whole shebang #! We even get to spend hours in the dark room developing photos, which was always a very fun place for certain cheeky students (NOT ME!). After the first year, I pretty much learnt everything that I can bear about photography. At that time, I had very little patience for technicalities like light, chemical proportions, water temperature, timing etc. and so my photos don't develop very well. (Plus, I didn't like soaking my hands in cold water and chemicals all the time, it really spoils a good manicure.)

Thankfully, the Fujifilm Instax camera is such an easy tool to use, that even a three-year-old can use it: Point at that thing over there, press the button. Wait for the film to pop-out. It is EVEN easier than operating an old camera, which require you to bring it to a film studio to develop the negatives and them pick the photos after they develop it. What a hassle!

However, now with the instax camera, we can enjoy instant gratification with our photos. Yes, it does have it's downsides, for example, it has a really primitive viewfinder (sorry, no technology to be expected for a camera that is a little more than an expensive toy!), it runs on non-rechargeable batteries and it only spews out one photo at a time. The flash is extremely skittish for me as it tends to be overly trigger-happy.

I have to admit, it takes a lot of skill to get nice photos out of your instax camera. You have to expect to waste at least one pack of films on just testing it out. Thankfully I shop at Imprintz (, which is pocket-friendly (starts from $0.80 per film!) and their designs are always new and pretty! I also love the photo frames and albums made perfectly for instax films.

In order to help you waste less films, here are some tips from me:
1. Always take photos in bright light, avoid backlit objects.
2. Use a little white masking tape and tape over your flash light for a softer flash, trust me, photos turn out warmer and less overexposed. Plus, your friends do not get blinded!
3. Use only original films to make sure your photos do not fade over time.

Here's your chance to win a pack of instax mini films in this cute Dalmatian design! Follow the simple instructions on this Facebook post!

Special thanks to Imprintz for the films. Do check out for a huge selection of instax products such as films, cameras and albums!


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