~~Café and Bar Gavroche-- Oh la la c'est marveilleux !~~

Today I'm going to share my experience in this wonderful and quaint French cafe with you!
It's  Café and Bar Gavroche!
I LOVE the quaint, rustic exterior of the bar and café. It eludes a sophisticated air of French classy and cozy right smack in the midst of cosmopolitan Singapore! Looks like a postcard no? :)
Anyway, looking back, it seems that all my photos taken look like postcards!! This shows how successful the café is in creating the right romantic atmosphere. :)

Love the signage.

It is evident that Café Gavroche is the brainchild of founders who value relaxation, living the moment and ultimately life. There is this strong sense of the French culture of enjoying a lovely glass of wine, having fun, dating, holding hands, and in general just letting your hair down with a group of trusted friends.
The atmosphere is amazingly cozy!
Can I first rave about the architecture of the café? I love the structure! A lot of dedication has gone behind the layout of the café, which is something I truly admire. The place is spilt into three aspects--the bar, the open area where you can sort of see pretty lights, and the kitchen area. And they are lovingly partitioned by elegant sliding doors.
So you see, this café is ready for any type of functions! Just slide the doors separating the three parts, and you'd get a bigger area. Slide it back, and you get two or three parts!

 And the kitchen is so cozy, I feel like I'm in Niko's summer cottage! :D And we set in the middle part of the café, and it feels like a upscale street in Paris~~
I digress. We were served this menu:
Without further ado, let me show you the food we had!
Introducing...COLD CUTS: the French Charcuterie Platter~
I love this dish, love it in its simplicity! It’s yummy and perfect for all palates. "Charcuterie" is French for meat prepared in various forms--such as it being smoked, salted or preserved.
When you visit the café, be sure to order their bread as well!! It is MAD YUMMY.
Well, it is the norm to eat this platter with their house bread, which is, by the way, super duper fresh! And I love their cornichons, i.e. the acidic-based, pickled, savoury cucumber.
I can still remember the various taste of the meat while typing this, hehe!
And along the way, Wine Guru Manuel Rodrigues came over with his recommended red wine to enhance our meal experience! :) He really IS an expert, and IS really good looking.

They curently have this really cool FLY ME TO FRANCE--NOW BOARDING event, where the range of wines are specially tailored by Misteur Manuel. It was a really thoughtful and customised experience!

So I won't blame you if you go to the café just to look at him.
In fact you should. :D
The café is filled with good looking people. Haha!!
Anyway we paired the meal with a range of wine:
I'm admittedly no wine expert, but the wine's really good! And they gave us some label with checkboxes, so you check which aspect of the wine you tasted. It can range from "floral" to "spicy" to "crispy".
Well I thought that was fun! Hahaha!! I could taste a lot of stuffs Niko couldn't.
Or didn't? Haha.
Next up was HEARTY COCOTTE--beef stew!!! Niko was raving and raving and raving about it.
(Which is really rare for a Finn to talk so much).
Succulent, tender and juicy, this beef stew in a yellow pot is the ultimate symbol of HAPPINESS! It's also loaded with yummy potatos and juicy carrots. Pair it with the house French bread to savour the rich, delicious sauce for a heavenly experience. Let me show you!
I feel so hungry now. Haha.
Back to the French Bread again! I really love the BREAD! There is this distinct taste to it that is crusty and sweet at the same time. You have to try it!
And...being a girl with sweet-tooth, let me declare that...
...I will definitely return to this café to eat their Profiteroles, at least!!!
I don't even know where to start to describe these indulgent, extremely sinful profiteroles! It's really yummy, and nothing like the typical ice-cream puff you'd ever eat in your life.
These profiteroles are the epitome of what we would term "divine" and "delicate"! If you want something sweet and happy to delight that special someone, then give these babies a go. And eating ice-cream with your boyfriend is always romantic and filled with delightful memories!!
To sum up! If there are two words I'd use to describe my experience, they would be "original" and "authentic". And here are the amazing, amazing people who made our experience such a memorable one, on a celebratory Friday's Evening:
 They are actually slanting towards one side! So cute! :D <3

I marvel in wonder. How come everyone in the restaurant is so good looking?
It must be the food...and love! :D

So, to sum up, I strongly recommend this café and bar for class gatherings, dates and celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The crowd there is pretty cosmopolitan and laid-back! Their restaurant setting is intimate and perfect for chit-chat or passionate declarations of love. 

I think Lunch Actually or Social Development Unit should hold dating parties here!
Thank you for our food and such a wonderful memory!!

So visit Café and Bar Gavroche today! Here's the address:

69 Tras Street
Singapore 079008
Tel: +65 6225 4869
Email: info@cafegavroche.com

I'm going back for breakfast or brunch before I fly to Finland! :)

日本人のお客様へ: このフランス風の喫茶店やバーは、高級感のある店ですが、店の人は英語も話し親切で気分良く食事ができました。 お勧めです!味も店の雰囲気も力の入れ方が違うと大感動しました。すごい宝物をみつけたような感じがあるんです!感謝しています!w

P.S: WOW, I never knew that it is so time-exhausting to write a food review post! ESP the photo editing part. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! :) I find it so heartwarming to revisit my food-tasting experience at this cafe-cum-bar. :) Thank you for inviting Niko and I there! ^-^


  1. Thank You so much for taking the effort & time to post the food pictures ! I really enjoyed the post and I will go there one day to try all the nice & yummy food that u introduced ! =)

    1. Thank you! You should go! They're really good! (y)

  2. Yo Relz!
    Let's go there to eat breakfast before you fly! How's coffee? Or you and Nik just drank wine? -xo

    1. Wow, how come so many people are awake at this unearthly hour??
      Yea, I didn't try the coffee. Actually I visited them right after I did the laser, haha!

  3. This looks like a really cozy place to chill and unwind~!

  4. The food looks so yummy.