The RXR-ated Guide to Winter Clothes

Yesterday I popped by the Finnish Embassy to do my visa, and met this pretty girl who's married to a hot Finn. She looks damn young, and after chatting for 10mins she revealed that she's actually older than I am. gosh.

 The nice Finns stuffed me with all these information on Helsinki yesterday <3

So anyway we became friends and over lunch she made me realised that it's only a mere 2.5 months that I'd be in Finland. Totally OMG that's like...appox 70 days???

totally omg! And I'd be going on a sponsored trip to Korea in early Dec, courtesy of KTO, so I'm just going to die of cold too!

So anyway I made a mental note to self: shit man, I'd better do my winter clothes research like NAO. And I thought it would be useful to publish what I'd found after intensive research yesterday for the benefit of all.

Here's a picture of me with bf, in WINTER!

We are smiling...right? But actually I was dying of cold. The winter jacket is from ONE*WAY. I got it in a fukubukuro pack (omg you have no idea how much I'm a sucker for fukubukuro, aka lucky bags. So I paid 10500yen and inside were 6 pieces of clothings, and this was one of them)

It's around 50% down or something so as you can imagine, I was grumpy and cold. And this was my cupboard 3 months into staying in Tokyo. Everything inside here was purchased from Japan. haha! As you can see I'm very scared of the cold.

So now--let's see how to keep warm so that YOU can visit me in Finland!!!


When I was in Japan for a year, I totally spammed Uniqlo. (Because Uniqlo was so cheap!) I went to the SALES section and snapped up all the thermal wears, and leggings.they are damn important because they act like a second layer of skin!

Uniqlo-- aka. UNIQUE CLOTHES (Well haven't you wondered why their brand name is in KATAKANA? it's precisely because they mean "unique clothes")- also have the FLEECE and heattech technology. They are way awesome and stuper light!!

And apparently alternatively, you should get those with microfibre too! They trap heat for a longer period of time :)

KEYWORD when shopping: THERMAL WEAR. won't go wrong.


That's mostly for autumn season I guess. But for places like Finland I guess this layer is essential, so I classify it under the second layer. 

Photo of my bff when she visited! <3 That's her freaking Lizlisa second-layer jacket!


Well the general rule is that if you are going to a country that can snow, invest a 90% outer wear. Make sure your outer is also WATERPROOF, because snow can freaking melt. Well for Singaporeans I think we still don't really get the idea that snow can melt, because all snowy pictures feature snow as...well. soft, fluffy like things.

But no, they melt. So make sure you buy a 90% down jacket.

I never really owned a 90% outer wear, so I'm currently looking out for one in Singapore. Mine's like 50% and I feel cold all the time, and the coldest place I'd ever went to is but a mere -10degree.

Oh ya I'd done my research on where you can buy winter stuffs in SG, and here are the places I'd found:

 ♥. STEP 4: Go Shopping! List of Places

  • Cold Wear
  • Universal Traveller
  • Winter Time
  • Esprit (For classy second layers)
  • HnM (Great for all things wool and scarf! Check out the sales section!)
  • Daiso (Great for $2 ear muffler and gloves)

 Hope this post helps and COME VISIT ME IN FINLAND WITH FOOD KK!!! ♥