Tammy ~ A Fairytale Gone Wrong

Reading the controversy about Tammy breaks my heart & makes me cry....what was suppose to be "Happily Ever After" turn out to be a tragic end! 

From Facebook Page of: Justice for Tammy

Am glad the Law Minster K. Shanmugam stepped in and had encouraged Ada to engage lawyers to consider to pursue the appropriate recourse in this case. And as of today's Facebook Page: Justice For Tammy update she is represented by Allen & Gledhill. Plus Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) is also supporting her in this matter. Hurray!

Not that we want to make a mole hill out of an ant hill we just want justice to be sought and Tammy doesn't die in vain. Give it some thought, you can’t deny that there are alot of contradictions and uncertainties surrounding this case:-

(1) First and fore most, an agreement drawn and signed stating in the event the adopter chooses to give up the dog, the rehomers have to be informed so that they can take the dog back should be adhered to irregardless! By not informing the rehomers, it is a breach of contract!

(2) As stated in the post dated 12 Oct 2013

 "When Tammy was first found she was taken care of by Priscilla and during that time, she was a good natured dog and showed zero sign of aggression. After being adopted by Alison, Tammy was settling down well and seemed to get along very well with Alison’s two young kids.The only issue cited at that time was Tammy had not been toilet trained and the usual puppy nipping due to teething. Other than that, everything was getting on fine. 

Four months later, the pup allegedly turned nasty, attacking her, her children and the neighbour’s children." 

Err..HELLO...has it ever occurred to anyone Tammy may have been provoked and the so called 'aggression' could be a form of self protection mechanism? Anyway, even if Tammy did bite her daughter and 2 other adults, where’s the evidence to prove it?

(3) In an article published in The New Paper on 19 Oct 2013

"The dog trainer responsible for the training of seven-month old puppy Tammy has insisted that there were no "aggressive overtures during the training period".

Mr Ricky Yeo, who is also the founder and president of Action For Singapore Dogs Society, an animal welfare organisation, added: "If the owner did not highlight any aggressive incidents... how could there be any 'unsuccessful attempts'?"

My question is why didn't the owner bring to the attention of the trainer if there were already signs of aggression?

(4) Published in The Straits Times published on 22 Oct 2013

"The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) said the vet who put down Tammy had followed all protocol, including "necessary professional assessment" as well as deciding that euthanasia was a "reasonable option considering the circumstances"."

What is the proper protocol that the vet was suppose to follow? Shouldn't consulting the dog trainer before deciding on carrying out euthanasia one of the protocol procedure?

As Mahatma Gandhi once said: "The greatness of a Nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Make a difference show your support, CLICK HERE to sign the petition to Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to look into the matter of 6 mths old puppy(Tammy) who was put to sleep by the veterinarian (Esmee Koh) on the request of her adopter (Alison McElwee), on the claim that Tammy was aggressive. Turn your signature into dozens more by sharing this petition and recruiting people you know to sign too!


  1. thank you for the noble cause.

    1. Please do sign the petition if you have not already done so. Thank you!

  2. this is my favorite post as it show that Singaporeans are with good hearts

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  4. For Tammy's case, pls visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/United-Animal-Alliance/384174428379736