Jabra's PR Skills

I won a pair of 1World Music Festival VIP tickets (courtesy of Jabra Singapore) for Day 2, 21 Sep 2013 through SuperAdrianMe. I was elated and so looking forward to see my favorite band Far East Movement! Woho!!

You can imagine the disappointment when I found out on 18 Sep that the event was cancelled! Boo hoo...I also received an email from SuperAdrianMe informing me about the cancellation and to hold on to the tickets and await further instructions fom Jabra Singapore.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything from Jabra Singapore, after all its not their fault the concert got cancelled and rendering the tickets worthless.

Thus I was so surprised to receive a call from Jabra Singapore last Friday informing me that they are compensating winners like myself with another prize - a pair of Jabra Play wickedly AWESOME!

This is what I call good PR skills! You make fans like us so happy and definitely worthy of our loyal support! Jabra Singapore you rock!