Hi folks! How are you guys doing for a sunny Wednesday? ;) Today I'm going to blog about a perk-me-up--Costa Coffee is now at 313 Somerset!!!!!!! 

How awesome is that!!! When you feel like sleeping, you can just drop by Somerset MRT to get a cuppa coffee! Just take the escalator up towards 313 Somerset...Costa's really near Smiggle!!!! :D

I'm super strict about what coffee I drink, esp the most basic ones. For commercialised brewed BLACK coffee, I only drink at MacDonalds or The Coffee Bean. (yea, not even starbucks). For chocolatey-tasting coffee, I drink at Coffee Bean and I only drink one type-- Blackforest. For AMERICANO I ONLY DRINK AT COSTA.


But before I show you what went on at the grand opening, I need to show you how much of a fan I am of their send-you-to-heaven-boost Americano which costs only $5.50!!!. Coffee-porn over a week! Look at the dates LOL :

So you get the idea. They have great coffee. I go to the PS outlet every single week until the staff can read my mind as to what I order.

Anyway so that day I went down with BFF Sonel to their official launch at 313 Somerset, and we absolutely loved the atmosphere! It felt like London, where smart and sophisticated people were just sipping coffee and eating nice food.

My personal favorites are Apple Crumble, and the cheesecake. And croissants are not bad, really! nomnomnomnomnom.

 bff with super smile-y staff! <3

 bff--a new fan of costa! Haha but she really did love the cake and coffee. She even drank half of my peppermint coffee. They were really quite nice! :D

Was a happy day! Thanks for inviting us, Costa Coffee!! <3

Happy Mid-week people! A few more days to the weekend! Slog on with coffee!