Hada Laboooo

Love this product! :D

I first got Hada Labo wayyyy before it was even brought into Singapore, because I lived in Tokyo for a year. But then I only used it for a week because it was winter, and my friend visited me, loved the product, and KOPED IT HOME.

Well Hada Labo primarily works as a toner,  and this product is sold as FMCG in Tokyo, i.e. you can find it almost everywhere, say in Matsumoto Kiyoshi, or in places like...even DONKIHOTE.

Well I'd tried it only for one week only since The Sample Store sent it to me, so I'm not really sure how effective this product is for the longer haul. 

But in the one week, I think this product solves problems of mild dehydration of the skin, and I heart the simple forumlae that is devoid of perfume, alcohol, colour, or any other unnecessary irritants.

And...In winter, you should put it as a pre-lotion/pre-serum, for better absorption. For reals! This is what the Japanese SA told me! And if you want really better hydration, use it as a mask. Just soak like ten pieces of cotton wool and put them all on your face for 20mins ;)

OKAY hope this helps! I'd update more 2 weeks later. tada! :D

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  1. Same here, I'm a fan of Hada Labo! One drop locks the ocean! <3 ^_^