Fashion Preview of the New Adolfo Domínguez Fall 2013 Collection you know who Adolfo Domínguez is? ;) Today I'm gonna tell you about how inspiring this guy is.
Well, Adolfo Domínguez is a Spanish fashion designer.  THE Spanish designer.

His style is urbane, functional, casual and eminently comfortable, with the clever, deliberate use of loose, natural fabrics.

He was among the first to inject a new, fresh approach in Spanish fashion, spearheading the rise of a generation of new designers.

He took over his father's fashion boutique in Ourense in the early 1970s, and thereafter spent the following years developing his own designs.

Finally, his big break came and he made the decisive and big jump with a presentation of his work in Madrid in 1981. He then became the first Spanish designer to open his own brand-name store in Madrid, which soon mushroomed into a megabrand with outlets within Spain and internationally.

Finally it went public (again, unprecedented for a fashion designer), and became one of the Madrid stock market's hottest properties.

Cool, yea? Never say never babes!!!

Last Friday, 04.Oct 2013, Adolfo Domínguez showcased his new Fall 2013 Collection consisting of an array of coats and evening gowns. 

Looking at all those coats makes me wish Singapore snows too!! Don't you too? Well the next best alternative is to travel overseas for holidays and wear them, no? Haha!

All the gowns are gorgeous, my fav are the blingalicious gowns - yes I have a soft spot for all things that sparkles/bling!

More photos can be found on our facebook page

If you don't already know Adolfo Domínguez, is part of F3 Singapore Fashion Community. ;) COOL RIGHT!

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Okay, enough for today! 
MORE MORE MORE!! Fashion posts coming up soon; stay tuned!