Eyemazing Maybelline & Eyeliner Buying Tips

Heya, it is me again! The self-proclaimed makeup guru for all non-experts: Rach!

Today, I just want to reveal my secret Maybelline stash which are mainly for the eyes only.

That reveals a lot doesn't it? First of all, I'm obssessed with eye makeup and secondly, I don't even know WHY those lipsticks are there in the stash. However, they are unopened... cos I hardly use lipstick. (I like to kiss people too much and hate to leave behind evidence.)

Why I love Maybelline eye products so much? Because of their smooth eyeliners and mascaras! They are an absolute pleasure to glide on the small and delicate areas around the eye.

I especially love their gel and pen eyeliners. They are very fine and suitable for accenting small asian eyes. The pencil ones require NO sharpening whatsoever and are fantastic to use too!

Tips: If you are a beginner learning to apply eyeliner, buy gel pen eyeliners. Although the pencil is less permanant, it will also, inadvertently, give you panda eyes. So unless that's the look you want, don't use pencil eyeliners hor... ok? The brush and pot ones requires extreme skill, like the steadiness of a surgeon's hands, so I don't recommend that too.

Always open or look at the testers of your gel eyeliner before buying. You should buy the ones that are smooth and sleek looking. Even better, test it on the back of your hand to see if it glides well. Some pen eyeliners are cheap and rough, you will do better by taking your permanant marker to line your eyes.

Finally, eyeliners are a bugger to wash off. So, what I always do is: BEFORE you wet your face, soak a cotton pad with eye makeup remover and press it on your eyelids for a few second before rubbing it off. Then continue with your usual face cleansing routine: soap and water.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of makeup tips!