Design That Helps To Save the World

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I love the planet I live in, enjoy nature and the outdoors. But it really hurts when you see the amount of (plastic) waste we humans inflict on the only place we can call home.

A huge pile of plastic waste
Plastics are especially harmful to our environment because they are mostly mom-biodegradable, or take a really long time to degrade, and they also release a toxic cocktail of chemicals into the soil or water when they break down. Sure, you can recycle your plastics but the best way to be sustainable is to Reduce first, then Reuse, and finally Recycle.

Did you know there is a large area of plastic waste around 900 times the size of Singapore floating in our Pacific Ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

That's why it is imperative that we reduce our plastic waste and switch to reusable shopping bags as well as bottles!

Love at First Sight
When I first say the ingenious design of the dopper bottle, I knew that I wanted to own one. After some email exchanges, they very generously sponsored me one bottle to review and one more for our readers! I am thrilled and very pleased at their generosity!

About the Design
Dopper is designed with the aim of reducing plastic waste in mind. They want to eliminate the use of drinking water in disposable plastic bottles and achieve this through a beautiful and elegant design. Besides having a lovely slim and sleek profile, it is also practical as it transforms from a bottle into a cup for different occasions! They won multiple awards with their design and most recently, they won the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards in Singapore. In order to see its functionality, I decided to bring it out for a day trip!

Guess where I went with my dopper?
Somewhere that teaches us to love our oceans!
Designed for Fashion
From the sleek and gentle curves to the wonderful colors and materials it comes in, the bottle on a pedestal won't look out of place in your fashionable work attire or on your gym bench. The design is so iconic that it would capture the attention of many. I had plenty of comments on the clever design when I brought it out on a day trip.

Pink matches everything I own!

Designed for Practicality
One of the reasons (out of many) on why I love the Dopper design so much is because of the cup integrated into the bottle. It is more hygenic to drink from the cup, especially for young children who cannot drink properly from a bottle yet. This way, they will be able to control the volume and sip from the cup. My daughter, who does not like to drink water, loved the bottle design so much that she finished one bottle within a couple of hours of our trip. Parents who find it so tough to force their children to drink frequently will certainly understand how happy I felt about this. Needless to say, we now bring our Dopper bottle everywhere with us!

I love to drink from my pink Dopper!

Do visit dopper and find out more about their bottle and amazing work in Asia at:

Dopper just helped to clean up Hong Kong!
Dopper Giveaway! Win for yourself the Red (limited edition to commemorate winning the Red Dot Design) and a lovely, fresh Green Dopper with US$25 each. Simply LIKE us on Facebook and tell us why you love Dopper in the comments below. We will select a winner on 27 Oct, 2013.

Good luck and have fun!


  1. I love dopper for many things but mainly for its intention to help save the world and lessen the waste we produce. Not only is it cute and funky, it's also good for both adult and children alike. Being a mom, I'm looking into what works for me and my kid.

  2. I love dopper because it serves a cleaner planet, has a cool design and a lot of utilizing functionality. It will always remind me i am one of the lucky guy which stay at a nice place. Thank you very much!

  3. I have not seen dopper on the shelves yet but reading how it contributes to Saving Gaia. . I love it for it's heart ♡ in doing so. Love Mother Earth.

  4. I love the environmental-friendly Dopper as it is unique, fun and cool to be seen with! My nieces would love it too!!!

  5. Dopper reduces plastic waste! The Dopper is a trendy and cool.

  6. Dopper is good for the planet and good for you! I love our planet and I would love to do my part to be more eco-friendly. In addition, the dopper is so functional and trendy! It would make a lovely addition to my work desk.

  7. I love dopper because it is functional and creative!

  8. I would love the green Dopper because it reminds me of freshness and nature. You look great with the dopper! I want to bring to work, and everywhere I can!

  9. I love Dopper because it has been designed for a good cause 'plastic waste reduction' & gain awareness to many people around the world with the motto of reduce, reuse & recycle. I am loving this amazing creation of dopper bottle with its fashionable & functional design too. Pretty colours!! Too cool isn't it? :D

  10. Love dopper because the design is damn cool & it's not just for having a good design, its good design with a purpose. So two thumbs up to them for that. Loved this article & how you elaborated on how it could be transformed into a pretty cup :)

  11. I like dopper because i have a daughter like yours too. She also dont like to drink from the bottle. She dont sucking from the bottle. therefore i am very impressed by the cup integrated into the bottle functionality. Hope to win one for her.(:

  12. I love my Dopper because it makes my water tastes better!

  13. My kids would LOVE their Dopper water bottles because they are so colorful and fun! They also fit easily into their little hands and are perfect for bring to school or play.

  14. I would love a Green Dopper for my nephew because it is BPA-free and durable. It will help him to drink water more often!

  15. I absolutely LOVE the design of the Dopper bottle and I think it will certainly help me drink more water especially since I'm always on the go!

  16. Wooooo.. Soon good.. Hmm Natural Green for Prince Isaac please..
    wish he would drink lots of water like pretty Grace with this wonderful Dopper!
    let us do our lil bit for our Awesome Mother Nature.. <3

  17. Not only is the Dopper water bottle the perfect size/shape for travel it is also dishwasher safe and beautiful. Dopper is a Dutch design and is produced with a net zero carbon footprint and is free of BPA. Also, part of Dopper's proceeds goes toward drinking water projects in Nepal-how awesome is that?! I love companies that give back to those in need. The design is so functional and unique it is hard not to notice it. This three-part design is the best that I have so far seen in any reusable water bottle and it enables, as said, to really clean the bottle. Many others just cannot be cleaned properly as the size of the neck does not allow for good access.
    My favorite part about the bottle? It can be stood upon the top or bottom without leaking at all.

  18. H2O is vital to our health and happiness, but plastic water bottles are bad for the environment, not to mention expensive. Dopper bottles are pretty, eco-friendly and reusable water. A perfect companion because it fits into the bag so easily. I also love the cup integrated into the design, this way, we are saving the need for plastic cups and straws too!

  19. I love dopper because It is safe and also good to our environment. And it also fit very well to the bag and user friendly!!

  20. UPDATE: Congrats to Liu Yang and Chen Yi Ling! Please check our facebook page for details.