Day 2 of FIDé Fashion Week ~ Porsche Design & Anne Fontaine

Kick starting day 2 of FIDé Fashion Week was the luxury brand Porsche Design. The Porsche Design products stand for functional, timeless and purist design, characterized by their technical innovation. Their Fall/Winter 2013 collection exudes the vibes of something dark, mysterious, urban and underground. If looks could kill the symmetrically tailored sleek leather pieces of Porsche Design surely does it!

Wrapping the night was Anne Fontaine, a brilliant lady who’s innovative idea of turning a simple white shirt, borrowed from the men’s closet into the centre-piece every woman should have in their wardrobe. Anne Fontaine’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection is inspired from the androgynous and sexy new Parisian women. The collection featured could be worn on a wide variety of occasions, during the day or as evening wear. It could be accessorized and dressed up or down for a relaxed, elegant or professional style. 

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