Bored? Here's the Melting Pot.

Hello all RxRaters! <3

This post is for you!!! :D Breathtaking scenery right? :) Presenting...Clarke Quay!

I'm writing this Clarke Quay post to thank Clarke Quay for being super awesome! <3 And also to introduce our foreign readers to this amazing, bustling place in tiny Singapore. All photos are by myself and my bf Niko btw, do NOT use them without permission, if not I will wish lightning to strike your hamster.

You think SG is boring? Oh, nonono you are so damn wrong. SG is way interesting--especially at night, and you can find "it/them" all in Clarke Quay!

I'd always loved Clarke Quay. It's the place my angmoh bf and I date initially, when we were still studying in NUS.
Here's a young pic of us:

Haha, okay terrible resolution but incredibly sweet right? <3
So there there, you got it. Clarke Quay's like a perfect place for dating and smuacking. But that's not all! It's the heaven for bonding too! Check these photos out:

I really love clarke quay leh. Whenever foreign friends come to Singapore to visit, they will always want to visit Clarke Quay, and whenever they leave, they will always reminiscent about this wonderful place. And the evening/night scene is just mad love! So nice sky and nice river and nice view and nice lights!!!!!

Jaloviina-- Connecting people since forever. 

Yea, and sometimes you might see interesting people too. Like cheekohpeks and chio bus and really talented artists.  I'm a cheekohpek myself so I just leer at girls with them.

I love this dude, btw. He's amazingly talented. I love his tattoos too. 

She's damn pretty hor! Nice smile! AND I think she looks like Katie Chung. (The lead in The Bling Ring)

More happy times! You'd get to see so many people whenever there are like mega events. They really look very happy and onz!! Lovely smiles :)

And sometimes after drinking you just walk a lot lah! Walk walk walk.

Then you drink drink drink.

And... I love Long Drinks from Finland. It tastes like Chuu-Hi, and it's just an amazing gin-based soft drink! Love it! So I used this photo against the pretty backdrop of Clarke Quay!

Last but not least,  a paranoma view:

Oh ya. And randomly, I LOVE this poster on the Oktoberfest!!!!! The Marketing team at Clarke Quay is damn creative lah ok!!!

Exciting boh? I'm so super excited!
So whatcha' waiting for? Go like Clarke Quay's page NAOOOOO for more exciting news and updates! :)
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