Sponsored Review: My Best Friend is Lilac

Scholl Compression Stockings
Just over 2 weeks ago, I went to collect my first pair of compression stockings, kindly sponsored by Cozycot and Scholl. These are for achieving beautiful and slimmer calves while you sleep!

What are compression stockings? Compression hosiery work with your body to help you to keep your blood flowing back from your legs up towards your heart. Your Scholl compression stockings, socks and tights help you to achieve this in two ways:
  • Overall compression Your legs are gently squeezed, which helps to reduce the blood flow through the veins closest to your skin surface, and brings the vein walls, and more importantly the valve cusps closer together (to help prevent the blood flowing back towards your feet).
  • Graduated compression Scholl hosiery uses 'graduated compression', where the pressure gets lighter as it goes up your legs. You will notice that they are tighter round your ankle than round your calf and, if you wear tights or thigh length stockings, they will be tighter round your calf than round your thigh.
I. Love. The. Color. There, I said it! I really love the lilac color of the stockings! They are supposed to "aid you in sleeping" but they are so gorgeous I might just wear them out. Which will look really funny... but I can't care less! I think I want everything I own in this shade of purple now.

Scholl Compression Stockings - Opened!
Beautiful Lilac color!

Roll and Pull
Roll and Pull!

Pulling on Compression Stockings
Pulling on the stockings before bed. (And before I wash my face!)
Day 1: Okay, here's what I really think about it (in detail). So, I put it on for the first time and immediately experienced a nice tingling feeling. Unlike some of the other reviews I've read from other bloggers, I did not experience any kind of skin irritation. However I tried sleeping in it and had to pull it off after about an hour and a half. Although half asleep, I was aware that it was pretty uncomfortable and restricts my karate style sleeping positions (poor hubby on normal days!). However, I do like the fact that it keeps my leg warm while my toes cool.

Day 2: I'm not so ready to give up on this product just yet so I tried to wear it, this time at home, while watching TV. After about 20 mins, I felt a dull aching pain in my upper thigh and I took it off. It actually revealed a small aching pain on the upper thighs, which I discovered was because of an aching joint due to the previous day's walk (shopping).

Day 3: Finally, on the third day, I wore it again for more than 2 hours while walking around the house and I felt no more pain. Joy of joys! I really thought I won't get a chance to wear these again due to the pain I felt previously but I think my body has finally acclimatized to the compression stockings.
Scholl Compression Stockings Review
Now I wear Scholl Compression Stockings everyday!
After one week, I think I can safely say... to enjoy the benefits of compression stockings, socks or tights you need to wear them regularly, preferably every day. However my advice is that it takes some time to get used to the compression and so I don't recommend wearing for long hours for a start and especially if you have aches and pains in your upper thighs and lower back.

I would love to see what it does for aching legs but first I have to get them to ache first which is quite rare for lazy me who prefer to sit in a car and drive everywhere.

However, I know it will be perfect for you girls who want love to wear heels and then suffer the aching calves later! Get these pair of stockings because they will be your best friend!

Scholl Compression Long
Retail Price: S$53.20
Scholl Compression Leggings
Retail Price: S$64.55