{Sponsored Post} Kenzoki Whitening lotion and cream !!!

Oh gosh I LOVE the lotion. It's amazing.
It works like...lancome advanced genifique. Except it's more gentle on the skin, and more targetted at whitening!! :)

The cream thing isn't that awesome, didn't really like it. It's too thick on my sensitive skin, and damn uncomfortable!

If you have the same skin type as mine, just get the lotion! then after putting the lotion, spam whatever you want on top, like serums, etc! <3 Never cause any breakouts leis!

This is what is inside the lotion--

PLUM BLOSSOM EXTRACT-- amazing, amazine ingredient to promote radiance in skin, and it's really gentle on skin

SUNFLOWER EXTRACT-- Great brightening magical ingredient to promote luminousity!!


Huang Qin – used commonly in chinese pharmacopeia – to protect the skin from external evil radicals like UV rays!!!

Amazing lotion!!! :D So get the lotion today! the cream can just forget it!
The Kenzoki Lotion retails at SGD50.00, and the cream retails at SGD105.00! :)
You can get both from Takashimaya, or online here :)