Singapore Grand Prix 2013: Closing Concert

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Here goes!

So today, to mark my virgin posting, I'm going to blog about the Singapore Grand Prix 2013: Closing Concert!! 

Held at the Padang on 23 Sep 2013, Monday was the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix Closing Concert. It featured the amazing Owl City, superduper amazing Zouk’s Ghetto & Cymbal and.....Justin Bieber.


First up was Owl City, serenading the crowd with his hits including “Fireflies”, “When can I see you again”, “Shooting Star”, “Vanilla Twilight” and many more paired with a beautiful sunset on the horizon and a cool evening breeze.  

Adam Young the lead singer, established a strong rapport with the audience and had them crooning & waving as he sang. He professed his love for Singapore and thanked his fans for coming down to support him. For he came from a small town in the USA where nobody knows who he is and seeing such a crowd last night truly touched him. 


Before disappearing he mentioned “Tonight was magical and it was well worth the trip…I can’t wait to see you again” 


SOOOOOO hold your horses he might just be back in Singapore holding a full length concert soon, just maybe. ;)

Entertaining the crowd prelude to Justin Bieber were Zouk’s Ghetto spinning the deck with remixes of Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson & Cymbal’ arty farty digital art on the display screens which got the crowd grooving and hyped up.

The anticipated performance of Justin Bieber came with a 10-minute count down on the display panel and every minute less to wait we hear screamings of delight from his fans majority of which are girls & young ladies but not forgetting the boys as well.


Justin Bieber teased his fans with a silhouette of him in wings flying towards the moon before he made a dramatic entrance by swaggering down the stage.

Dressed in white throughout the performance, the only thing he changed were his shoes – 3 times to be exact. He kicked started the show with songs from his latest album “Believe” and played the guitar while singing “Fall” which made all the girls go wild and swooning. 

A young fan “Jasmine” was led on stage whilst he was crooning “One Less Lonely Girl”, he put a purple floral headband on her and hugged her from behind causing an uproar of envious shrieks from the crowd. 

/DIES!!!!!!!! AWWWWWWWW JUSTIN!!!!!!!!! In between the performance a collage of Justin Bieber snippets were played showing his road to stardom. <3 He's just so humble!!!!

Justin also encourages his fans to follow their dreams, to believe in themselves as he sang “Never Say Never”. Beliebers, screamed their hearts out till they could not scream no more when Justin Bieber went topless with his encore songs, “Boyfriend” and “Baby” that sealed the night of the Beleibers!


Okay that's all folks, but this is NOT the end you'd see of me! More posts coming soon! <3 
Thanks Rach and Rella again for this platform!