LED Light Conversion - Part 1

We were extremely lucky and priviledged to have an absolutely-free complete LED home conversion sponsorship by the wonderful people at Gaiawerks http://gaiawerks.com/.  "We are proud to be a Singaporean-Owned business, that strongly believes in saving the environment. We strive to educate the benefits and savings that LED lights has to offer as well as provide our clients with high quality products online."  What is an LED Conversion? LED conversion means to convert all your household lighting fixtures such as florescent or incandescent light bulbs to LED equivalents.
LED Conversion
Convert your flourescent light into an LED Bulb!

Why should you change to LED? Because LED lights need less power, there is a definite reduction in your energy consumption, generating around 80% savings in your lighting bill, saving you money and our Earth at the same time! They are also more eco-friendly to people too as they contain lesser material to manufacture and harmful ingredients such as mercury which is released when fluorescent bulbs break. LEDs are also less fragile and they turn on more quickly.
Light Bulb Comparison Chart
A comprehensive and self-explanatory Light Bulb Comparison Chart
After an initial assessment, the team from Gaiawerks determined how many lightbulbs we will need and they also provided useful suggestions. Do not be worried if you have a beautiful lighting fixture that you do not wish to change because they have different light bulbs for almost any type of fixtures.
Ceiling fan lights
Ceiling fan lights - We only changed the bulbs!
Most of my housing lights remained original. And as you can see from the before-and-after photos below, the brightness output is almost the same or brighter. The conversion process was short (only 3+ hours) and relatively painful.
At the end of the day, we ended up with a box full of flourescent light bulbs... that's 17 bulbs changed into energy-saving LED bulbs! (Of course, nothing went to waste, we gave them all to a relative.)
LED lights
Bedroom lights converted using this type of wafer LED lights

LED Lighting Conditions
Lighting differences at our Work desk. No difference at all!

LED Lighting differences
Lighting differences in the Living

LED Lighting differences
Lighting differences in the Kitchen
Lighting differences at our living room after conversion.

How much can we really save with LED? We are going to monitor the energy savings over the next few months and post the results by Oct. Stay tuned for Part 2 for some practical facts and figures!
LED Light Conversion Savings
Bedroom light shining brightly!