Kiss & Tell - Alluring Desires at Asian Civilisations Museum

Attended my first Kiss&Tell hosted by DJ Claressa Monteiro last Thursday, 26.Sep 2013. The theme was "Alluring Desires at Asian Civilisations Museum".

I never knew museums could be so much fun until last night!

This event truly opened my eyes-- It gave me the invaluable opportunity to revisit my own heritage as a Peranakan and also develop a more in-depth knowledge of the diverse cultures we have in Singapore.

Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) had lined up a night jam-packed with activities. They even had a corner where we can play dress-up in Peranakan style and take photos!! 

Yeah the ladies in the house got very excited! I had the chance to put my skill of tying the sarong/kebaya to use by helping the ladies put them on...after all the photo taking RARA we finally settled down for some Chinese Wine Tasting!

Now, that's a first for me and I personally feel it was a fabulous idea in pairing the two. As its high time we discover and learn more about our Chinese culture! 

*Job well done ACM

The good people of Ang Leong Huat Pte Ltd gave us an introduction to China Wine History. 

Do you know what is Shao Xing wine? Shao Xing wine is made of glutinuous rice & wheat, the name "Shao" 绍 (meaning to continue; to carry on) and "Xing" 兴 (meaning the great [prosperity] of the empire our forefathers have left behind). 

And do you know how the name "Nu Er Hong" came about? Its said that in the olden times when a daughter is born the parents will bury the wine and will only take it out when the daughter becomes of marriageable age. Interesting isn't it? 

We were given 5 different types of ShaoXing Wine to try. 

  • Recheers: aromatic & taste of longan & wolfberries and also their newest collection (best drank chilled) 
  • 8 years Calabash Shao Xing: fragrant with the taste of brown rice 
  • 15 years Kuai Ji Shan Shao Xing: a blend of several vintages with a lingering flavour (best drank warm) 
  • Nu Er Hong: fruity aroma 
  • NingXia Hong Wolfberry Wine: made of wolfberry juice, water & wolfberry (best drank chilled)
My favourite of all is the NingXia Hong Wolfberry Wine as it is sweet!

After the wine tasting we went on a tour of ACM's new exhibition "Devotion And Desire: Cross-Cultural Art in Asia". This exhibition showcases the new artifacts acquired, and Curator Clement gave us a narration of some of the artifacts. Due to time constrains we weren't able to do a full tour. So I'm definitely coming back with my family to explore. 

We ended the evening on a high note! 

We were taught by Mr Amran and Ms Stan of Gamelan Asmaradana Ltd how to play the Gamelan. They are a traditional musical ensemble from Indonesia, and the islands of Java and Bali. Gamelan music is an integral part of Indonesian culture. 

Asian Civilisations Museum new exhibit - Devotion and Desire: Cross-Cultrural Art in Asia runs until 8 December 2013. Admission is free for Singapore citizens & permanent residents. 

So what are you waiting for? Bundle up the family and friends and make a date at the museum!