How to Achieve Flattering Makeup for Beginners

Although I do not claim to be an expert, nor a professional makeup artist, I do have years of experience studying youtube videos and exploring with DIY makeup. I was a beginner once and to make it worse, there are tons of information on the internet out there that make it seem like makeup is SOOOOO easy for novices and yet you end up looking like a clown when doing it yourself.

So here are my practical AND essential basic tips on how to achieve makeup that will definitely flatter your face. So if you are a beginner, start here:

One: Lower Your Standards (LOL)
Please do not expect to turn out looking like Kim K. or 2NE1 when you apply your own makeup. More often than not, those flattering photos you see of models or celebrities have copious amount of Photoshop done.
Pic is probably copyright, but who cares. I love Dara. © Someone.
Two: Google Your Type (The Real Important Step)
No matter how great Halle Berry looks in her latest movie, her makeup is not for you, because she is not Asian and you are (assuming you are). Also, her face shape might not be your face shape and her eyes are not your eyes etc etc etc. Here are the basic things you should know about your face before you even start looking at DIY makeup tutorials.
  • Your Race: Chinese, Indian or Caucasian? Your race and skin tone matters.
  • Face Shape: Find out what is your face shape.
  • Eye Shape: Deep set, monolid, hooded? If you don't know, find out now.

Great! Now that you know more about your face, go and Google for makeup tutorials related to your type: E.g. "Eye makeup for Chinese Hooded Eyes" or "Makeup tutorial for round face" or "Makeup tips for asians"

This step is so important in helping you to achieve the look that will truly look good on you. And I've just saved you plenty of time wading through makeup tutorials that might not even work for you!

Three: Finally, Practice makes Perfect
Many times, most girls do not dare to try to put on their makeup themselves because their first attempt was a garish failure (trust me, I've been there). My final advice is, never give up and practice, practice and practice!

When you finally mastered the basics, you can adapt and apply other makeup techniques from elsewhere. Have fun!

Secret step: Steal information
For special occasions (like your wedding), just get a professional makeup artist to help you. Meanwhile, bombard them with questions on what they think will work for your face... contouring, colors, eyeliner... the whole shebang. More than often, they will be willing to share tips with you.

And instead of the obligatory and useless selfie, let me direct you to my favorite DIY makeup blogger!