"Bags are vaginal symbols"-- THE FREUD.

(Okay this collage are stuffs I got from Dear Laura, Ellysage, Yventually. I have a clear lucite too but I'm too lazy to take a picture of it, since I put a lot of fake flowers inside. Totally heart clear lucites!!! They are so pretty and classy and transparent! <3 Love the owl tote too, present from a friend. )

Yea, he said it.
Ya' know who FREUD is? THe Freudian's slip genius psychologist. Anyway he's amazing lah. He came up with this theory:
"Sigmund Freud considered handbags and purses to a vaginal symbol. Yes, even the handbag got sexed-up by Freud, who in Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria, concluded that his patient's playing with her handbag during therapy actually meant that the bag was a symbol female of genitalia, and all Dora really wanted to do was masturbate."
(Source 1, source 2!)
What, shat. I love bags leh. How ah. 

Anyway, I was reading this article on Emma Hill again. Well it was published on my birthday, I read it on my birthday since I read Guardians often, and I was thinking why why why!!! would lovely Emma leave Mulberry.

Now if I ever get a classy bag sponsor I'd probably be loyal to the brand my entire life. So yea, I got really puzzled.

But perhaps bags are about freedom too.Perhaps you got sick of the style. Perhaps you got sick of the uselessness. Or perhaps you got sick of being pigeon-holed into a TYPE. 

Perhaps Ms. Hill is just tired. :(

I guess in this ever-changing world, it's so fast-moving that you just want people to look at you, you, you!! The unique you! Bags can definitely help you in the quest. But when people equate you to the bag, then it's really sad. Really, really sad.

But I haven't reached that stage yet. SO bag sponsors, roll in. LOL.