Best Things in Small Packages

(This is a really long review. Appreciate your time reading it.)

I always order my cosmetics from the USA. Why? Because they offer a larger variety of products that are natural and organic ( It is REALLY hard to find natural and affordable brands in Singapore.

So far, I've tried Larenim (foundation, eyeshadow, eye primer), Physicians Formula (foundation, blusher, eyeliner, mascara) and Annemarie Borlind (concealer) natural makeup brands. I've also tried many other mainstream brands. However this review is about Zosimos Botanicals, so the story goes like this...

I was desperately trying to look for an "affordable", eco-friendly and natural brand of cosmetics from Singapore because I got burnt by international shipping costs a couple of times. Yes, there are some brands like 100% Pure, Body Shop, Korres and a couple of others available at Sephora available here but seriously, these makeup costs a bomb! $30 for a single pot of eyeshadow? $50 for foundation? Sorry, but I'm not one that spends so much on makeup.

My Personal Makeup search process actually goes like this:
1. Search for keywords like "Natural", "Organic", "safe" and "makeup" or "cosmetics".
2. Compare prices from everywhere. (This takes up bulk of the time.)
3. If price reasonable, check hazard rating on (very important!)
4. Search tutorials and swatches on particular product. (Important to see actual swatches on skin, especially when buying from the internet.)
5. Compare benefits and prices... again!
6. Explain pros and cons of the expenditure in a detailed Powerpoint presentation to my husband who gives me approval to BUY! (LOL)

So happily I came across, through googling "organic makeup singapore", this website popped up. The brand Zosimos Botanicals caught my eye because well, the name Zosimos just rolls of the tongues doesn't it (Zosimos, Zosimos, ZosimosZosimosZosimos) and a minipot eyeshadow sampler only costs $3.90 O_O. I researched more about the brand (read a little further down to learn about the brand) and loved what I found out so far. And best of all, their customer service was really nice and patiently answered all my questions. I did haggle over shipping cost, which they very kindly waived for the samples. How awesome is that? I bit the bullet and finally ordered the product. So much hassle for $7.80 you might think!

I received my products pretty quickly through normal mail. I was quite worried that the sample was going to be pathetic but it really isn't! As you can see from this photo, although it is a really minipot, there's quite enough powder to last a long long time (more than 15 applications definitely). A little goes a long way!
Zosimos Botanicals Gold Hilite minipot with a cute mini applicator brush for $3.90!
I also order the Peach blush sample sachet which I'd read so many positive reviews about. This blush is truly pigmented! I barely touched the powder with my brush, dusted off the excess and it gives my skin a lovely natural flush.

Samples from (Peach Blush Sachet $3.90)

So far, I'm loving this brand so much and I can't wait to try the other colors! I've requested that Allerganics bring in more shades of colors from this brand.

About Zosimos Botanicals: Conceptualized and founded Zosimos Botanicals LLC, a personal care company committed to social responsibility. Zosimos Botanicals' exclusive handcrafted makeup is the antithesis to mass-produced cosmetics. Formulated all original formulas which are paraben-free, devoid of synthetic chemicals and other toxins. Zosimos is a signatory to the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and recognized as an eco-friendly business by Green America. (

Final verdict: If you are looking around for makeup, why not try Zosimos Botanicals from Their samples are so affordable you won't have to think twice! (And they have a referral program so PM me if you want to get in on it. I'm sure ordering more products from them very soon.)

Disclaimer: I really wish I was really paid for writing all these reviews but I'm not. You can pay me in Likes and Shares and a kind comment. That's all I ask!

(Zosimos ZosimosZosimos Zosimos ZosimosZosimosZosimos Zosimos!)