Love Begets Love - Chain Reaction

I'm so excited to be approached by Michele of Inspirae Gallery to do this review of her latest collection: Chain Reaction. First of all, check out these beautiful earrings that she sent me:

Squinnie can't get his hands off it!
This is the color I chose, and I love it!

#OOTD with Inspirae Gallery's earrings!

I can't stop taking photos of it... even during dinnertime!

Do you think they are lovely too? (haha)
The entire collection of Chain reaction consists of various stones and colors, and each one is unique because they are natural!

I confess that I personally have a love for handmade gifts, because no two are alike. I've always made my own little earrings and crafts for friends but my creativity and skills are really so mediocre. I can vouch that it is extremely difficult to come up with beautiful designs that people would want to buy all the time and also to handcraft it one-by-one. Which is why I'm completely awed by the large collection that Michelle has made by herself on her online store:
These are a few of the other pieces that I truly love:

Designs worthy of designer labels!
Michele's designs are really special and creative. I hope my love in reviewing this product will inspire you to get something from her new Chain Reaction collection and let the love spread on! They are really priced very reasonable now and it is the best chance to get an original piece from the Inspirae Gallery before she makes it big!
For my awesome readers, I've specially asked for a giveaway so here is YOUR chance to own a piece of Chain Reaction from Inspirae Gallery. Log on to our facebook page and follow the instructions here to win a pair of Chain Reaction earrings:
Good luck!