My Love for "Liquid Gold" and Goats

What Argan fruit and tree actually looks like!

 I hereby proclaim my love for Argan Oil (also known as Liquid Gold to the Moroccans)! Not just ANY Argan Oil, the specific one from

I'm at my THIRD bottle so far and it was an amazing experience. It really makes my skin soft, it absorbs so quickly that you won't feel sticky even in Singapore's hot, humid weather. What is really outstanding about this specific brand of product is that it is scented with natural Rose essential oil. After my shower, I usually rub a few drops into my skin and hair and it makes me smell and feel like a princess!

Before & After results of rubbing Argan Oil into my hair.

I have to say, Argan Oil really changed my view about oils (besides learning about the goats - see end of article). As you probably know, I'm a natural freak so I stay away from products with harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, carbomers, silicones etc etc etc. The list goes on. I obsessively READ all the ingredients on the products that I use. I started learning about natural products due to my job as I design a lot of products for my clients who only use natural and organic products and after my pregnancy and decided to go even more natural and healthy for the sake of my baby and family. It is still a work in progress!

Anyway, back to Argan Oil... Did you know moisturizing with pure oils are so much better than rubbing lotions or creams (especially those with synthetic ingredients) into your body. Just a few drops goes a long way! Even though it does take longer to absorb than certain creams, it does not leave an oily feel. Other oils I've personally tried are Olive, Jojoba, Tea tree, Coconut and Neem but nothing feels as well as Argan.

You can read tons of reviews from their Facebook page so I will not drag on any further. However here are top 5 benefits of using Argan Oil that I've discovered:

  1. Applauded as being a celebrity's secret weapon for red carpet radiance from head to toe. Eva Mendes has even said that "Argan oil from Morocco is my total skin secret", adding with enthusiasm that "It’s spectacular!”.
  2. A plant-based solution that relieves the effects of patchy skin and lackluster locks, it also is richer than olive oil in vitamin E and is packed full of fatty acids marking it as be one of nature's most effective moisturisers.
  3. The oil's nourishing properties are fantastic for pumping vitality and a healthy shine back into tired tresses.
  4. It's gentle enough to use on all skin types and is even believed to help with skin conditions including acne and eczema. In fact, oils need less stabilisation than creams (which curdle easily), and so often contain less preservatives or additives which tend to irritate the skin's surface.
  5. Argan oil is incredibly lightweight, it penetrates the skin easily giving you a youthful, dewy glow without any of grease.

Final verdict: Try it! You definitely won't regret it. In fact, I'm going to buy more of this gold... wish they came in jumbo sizes!

WAAAIIITT!!! OKAY so what has Argan got to do with Goats? Thanks for reading thus far...

Argan grows to 8–10 metres high and live up to 150–200 years. They are thorny, with gnarled trunks. The leaves are small, 2–4 cm long, oval with a rounded apex. The flowers are small, with five pale yellow-green petals; flowering is in April. The fruit is 2–4 cm long and 1.5–3 cm broad, with a thick, bitter peel surrounding a sweet-smelling but unpleasantly flavoured layer of pulpy pericarp. This surrounds the very hard nut, which contains one (occasionally two or three) small, oil-rich seeds. The fruit takes over a year to mature, ripening in June to July of the following year.

Before modern times, the Berbers of ancient Morocco would collect undigested argan pits from the waste of goats which climb the trees to eat their fruit. Yes, GOATS. They're fantastic at climbing trees and here's the photo to prove it. Nope... it is not photoshopped. Also bear in mind that nowadays Argan oil is no longer made from this "animal by-product" LOL.

Argan Goats - How on earth do they get up there?!