Living Nature's Kumerahou Purifying Cleanser Review

Living Nature's Kumerahou Purifying Cleanser

First of all, a massive Thank You to The World Of Organic Skincare for sending me this. Lawrence was so nice to talk with me about my skin issues and show me how to make the fullest use of this! I finished the whole bottle and I think I can provide a true and honest review.

Bud's Organic - Mandarin Gallery

Directions: Squeeze a teeny bit, like 5-cents coin, onto damp palms. Lather up to a fine foam and gently massage onto your wet face with this lather. Rinse of with lots of water.

A little goes a long way!

What I love: The herbal scent with a gentle touch of honey. One of the active ingredients is Manuka Honey which is anti-microbial, moisturizes and purifies the skin. The cleanser is gentle, lathers up well and makes your skin feel REALLY clean and refreshed! I've never used another "natural" product that cleans as well as most are usually TOO gentle so it is like not washing at all. And yet this is gentle enough for sensitive skin so there's no redness or itchiness.

If you are looking for a natural cleanser, this is definitely the one!

Cons: A little pricy at $60+ but I think women are willing to pay anything to look their best! Especially if you have pimple-proned, oily or combination skin. This is a truly wonderful product and believe me, I've tried absolutely every kind of acne cleanser there is.

Finally, LIKE them at for natural knowledge and more freebies, I guess :)

(Disclaimer: I don't tend to write reviews for products that I do not support or don't work. I write because caring is sharing!)