Eyeliner PK!


It is pretty interesting that there has been a crazy influx of Japanese cosmetics in Singapore recently. So Karisa and I discussed and analysed the market as such (DISCLAIMER; these are our observations, might be sometimes wrong ah!)--
  • Watsons and Mandom seem to have an exclusive agreement for Shibuya Gals as opposed to Guardians--"Singapore's only Gyaru make-up corner." Brands under Mandom include-- Dollywink, Fairydrops and wigs. Lucido L and Gatsby are also under Mandom.

In Watsons also, there is a brand called Candydoll, which is distributed by M.O.S.S Sg.  And then there is Canmake, distributed by Teeni Enterprise.
  • In Guardians there is Haraju-cute--a Japanese-influenced corner with products distributed by StarAsia-- have other brands like Diamond Beauty, Brigitte, LovenPeace.

So what does this mean? It means that once there is competition, all of us girls benefit in terms of events, freebies, price and variety! Muhahahahaha!! :D OK. Back to my review.I am going to compare three eyeliners today--
  • 24hr Cybercolour Dark Brown Duo Eyeliner by Sasa ($18.90);
  • Dollywink Eyeliner by Tsubasa-chan ($24.90); and 
  • Rose of versailles Eyeliner by Bandai ($23.90) . 
From left to right: Lips Drawing--Rose of versailles, Leopard spots--Dollywink, Thick line-- 24hrs duo Cybercolour, dark brown.

I really LOVE Rose of versailles eyeliner lah ok! Here is my assessment:

~PRO: The tip is super-duper fine. This means that if you have inner eyelids like I do, this eyeliner is perfect for office make-up, whereby you do not want to look too ah-lian or crazy by highlighting your entire eyelid.

And because the tip is so fine, you can draw on your lower eyelashes without sticking falsies, so as to give the illusion that you have a lot of lower eyelashes!

In addition, you have perfect control over what you want to draw on your face. Because the tip is so fine, you somehow can draw and control this eyeliner better. Remember Ce Ce Frey? If you are her fan, you should totally get this eyeliner.

~CONS: Because the tip is soooo thin, you have to draw a lot of times if you want to look fiercer. And their black is natural black, so if you want a dark black, you really do have to spend more times drawing.

Well, this eyeliner has been advertised as an eyeliner which does not smudge. This is true. But it is also true that this eyeliner fades! The staying power is pretty shitty, and you probably have to go to the restroom to touch-up every 3 hours or so. My evidence:

See how much it faded, as compared to Dollywink--just after 1hour??? /dies

But nonetheless, I still like the Rose eyeliner because it is easy to control. It is like the best thing to draw with, on your face! Just remember to draw a lot, a lot of times to darken the thing you are drawing, and lengthen the staying power.

OK, let us move on to the Dollywink eyeliner. I got this as a door-gift when I went down to the Tsubasa-Lookalike event to support my friend.

PROS-- Dries damn fast, you dont have to draw as many times as the Rose eyeliner, and it gives you reasonable control. Colour is natural, and the product is versatile. What I mean by this is that you can tuck this in your make-up pouch, and use it for office make-up in the morning and clubbing make-up at night. Staying power is good.

CONS-- It does not give you as much control as the Rose eyeliner.

Would I recommend this? A definite Yes! In fact, buy it if you have to choose amongst the three!

Put it this way-- I love the Rose eyeliner better than Dollywink only because I got both Dollywink and Rose eyeliners free. But if I were to pay for it with only $25 in my wallet, I will definitely get this out of the three--because it is more practical! You can draw with this with reasonable control--albeit not as easy as the Rose one. But it has staying power.

Comparison between the pointi-ness of each eyeliner. The Rose Eyeliner is so sharp!

Last eyeliner is one that I actually bought from SASA, at $18.90.This!

Out of the three, it has the best staying power. But it takes damn long to dry. And you cannot doodle anything with it.

Yep! So final verdict--If you need a basic eyeliner, buy Dollywink. If you want a "creative" eyeliner, buy Rose. If you only have $20, buy Cybercolour.

OK! That sums up my review portion! And I just finished half a bottle of champagne while typing this!

xo. Rella. ox