B. Seen--For your eyes!

I was at Sasa the other day and came across the B. Seen range with the cute eyeball designs! Do they not make perfect Goth Xmas presents? It's a cute product to be blogged about, no?

In particular, I love their eyeball cap design. After using the products, you can...keep the EYEBALLS! :D

 These cuties are actually bottle caps!

"Stop Staring at me!"

"No More Dark Circles!"
"No More Wrinkles!"

Haha, I love the fact that even their MASK packaging has the trademark eyeballs.

The reason why I love this product packaging is that it greatly appeals to 20-plus ladies as well. We tend to always think that protection around the eyes are for 30-ish and above ladies, and that is really untrue! If you want to look young, the best way to go about it is to take extra care of the delicate eye area!

This product design is pretty entertaining; what do you think? :)